About Us

Welcome To Monmic

We Are A Norwegian Company That Focus On Developing Products That Are More Energy Efficient.

Who Are We

Monmic is a small company that works with product developing and automation.

Our Mission

Our goal is to automate processes and reduce the energy cost.

We work towards a cleaner future.

What We Do

We deliver the engineering services, animation, CE certifications and more.

Our History

            Monmic operation was founded in 2014 after 2 inventors had been working with developing a rotary engine. The invention is patented.                After a lot of homebrewing the idea of the invention that ended up to be the Continuous Brewing System was formed. While waiting for the patent to be processed we started preparing to build the prototype, techncal drawing and control system. We completed building the prototype at the end of 2019, we have used the time since then to test and optimize the process. We also started working with Continuous Filter System that is a offspring from the CBS. We have had engineering students working on this project as a summer job and we now have students working on it as a school project through HVL (Høgskulen på Vestlandet) in 2020.

Our Team

Terje Øvstedal

Kjetil Såkvitne

Email Terje@monmic.no