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Our Projects

The M&M Engine can be operated on all known fuels and can easily switch between the fuels due to the revolutionary new combustion chamber.

One of the inventions is Continuous Brewing System .

This products is continuously mashing worth and are currently under test production.
We are currently looking for a partner to test this product in their production.

Another invention is Continuous Filter System.

This product is continuously changing the filter material to ensure the quality of the cleaning.
We currently have a group of students from HVL doing tests with this idea.

We deliver electrical cabinets designed to fit your need.

If You Have An Idea That You Need Help To Develope Contact Us.

We deliver engineering and procurement services in all project phases, all from early stage to detail design.

Meet The Team

Stian Michelsen


Terje Øvstedal


Kjetil Såkvitne